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Rates and Booking Info:

Session rates start at $175 per hour depending on the session of your choosing. Refer to the D/s Experience for session rates.

Rates include "on-location" shoots only, unless extensive travel required.

A studio fee ($25-50/hr) will be added for each hour used in the studio. The exact fee amount will be determined once a studio location has been set. The fee is paid directly to the studio. This also includes other controlled environments such AirBnB, hotels, etc.


A downloadable link of all your images will be sent via email including 15-20 retouched images of your choice.

$100 Deposit due at time of booking via PayPal. Remaining balance due at time of shoot.

·  If you need to cancel or reschedule a reservation for any reason, I will need at least a 72 hour notice or your deposit will not be refunded. 


What to bring to shoots:

·  Lingerie, bras, panties, high heels, pumps, garters, stockings, leggings, bustier, corsets

·  Short dresses, long dresses, skirts, jeans, denim skirts, long skirts, bikinis, daisy dukes, wife beater, sexy tops, belts, boy shorts

·  Jewelry, rings, earrings, belly rings, neck collars, chokers, hair clips, hair bands, sunglasses, glasses…anything else you wish to accessorize with

·  NOTE: I will also bring props depending on the theme of the shoot. These are just ideas to help you decide what to bring. I do not provide wardrobe unless there is something specific I want you to wear which would be discussed during the planning stages.

Make-up and Hair (MUAH):

·  Packages do not include MUAH.

·  If you need a MUAH artist, one can be provided at your expense.

·  For all studio shoots, a MUAH station is available for use.


·  We only allow one escort (male or female). Remember, we need you to be focused, relaxed, comfortable; not distracted. Any distractions by the escort and he/she will be asked to leave the set. 

·  Do not bring anyone who has the potential to ruin your shoot. Your shoot will not be refundable.

·  You are held fully responsible for your escort.

Model Release & Release of Liability: 

·  Every model is required to sign a Model Release and Release of Liability prior to shooting. To access, complete, and submit the required forms, click here.

·  Model must be at least 18 years of age and provide proof, i.e. photo ID


·  We will do artistic nude, partial or implied nude as long as it's done in a tasteful fashion. For example, for implied nudes, to the viewer the model will appear as if he/she is fully nude but she will not be revealing anything to the viewer, hence implied.

·  Topless and/or nudes must be done in a tasteful fashion, not in a sexual and/or pornographic way.

Bondage Models:

·  We do all our own rigging. If you require a personal rope rigger, this needs to be addressed at time of booking.

·  We charge an additional $25 for a rigger to be on set. Rigger will also be required to sign a release.

·  All suspension requests must be approved in advance, depending on the location of the shoot.

·  Some studios do not allow suspension/s.

Time for Prints (TFP):

·  We are currently not accepting TFP unless you are a well established model and/or you have something special that we are looking for.

·  "Time for Prints" refers to an exchange of services. Literally, the model's time is traded for prints, portfolio, or media such as a CD or DVD with the session photos on it. No money trades hands. 

·  The model receives no fee; the photographer receives no fee. The photos are high quality and will most likely at a minimum be used as promotional material. 

·  The model signs a release, specifying the compensation is the media. While the model and photographer may agree to certain kinds of uses, the model does not have unlimited rights to the photographs. Although copyrighted by the photographer, permission is granted to use them for personal purposes and self-promotion; they may not be sold or relicensed by the model. 

·  When prints are offered, they are not unlimited; anything beyond an agreed upon amount will be the responsibility of the model. 

·  Models committing to TFP are expected to show, as the photographer has committed time and resources to the shoot. 

Book Your D/s Experience or Photo Shoot:

·  Please fill out and submit the D/s Experience booking form. Once we receive the booking form and the deposit, we will contact you to set a date and time. We will discuss the style and theme of the shoot along with hair, makeup, and wardrobe. We will work with you throughout the entire planning phase to ensure all your needs are met.

·  Deposit is due once you submit the booking form.

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